Migrating to Shoot Up Legally: Heroin Commuters | High Society

What happens when neighboring countries have completely different drug policies? While Sweden rigidly sticks to its zero tolerance laws, liberal Denmark introduced drug consumption rooms (DCRs) in 2012, with special areas surrounding them where you won’t get arrested for drug possession if it’s for personal use. Copenhagen is home to one of the world’s largest government funded drug consumption rooms, H17, where users can safely smoke or inject their drugs with clean needles and medical staff on hand. This has resulted in the local areas being safer and cleaner, as there are no longer thousands of used needles littering the streets. But Denmark’s liberal policy has had an unexpected consequence: an influx of heroin users from neighboring Sweden. We find out why Swedish heroin users prefer to sleep rough on the streets of Copenhagen rather than stay in Sweden, and which of these policies is most effective at tackling overdoses.

What is your view on these Drug centres and what is your opinion on the UK maybe starting them? Comment and let us know below.


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The Irish Drill Scene Won’t Be Stopped | Gangsta Rap International – Ireland

Drill is exploding all over the UK, but until recently, nobody knew about the burgeoning scene over in Ireland. The so-called Godfather of the scene, INK, is based in Dublin and proudly spits in his native accent. More and more, the young Irish MCs coming through are affecting a London accent. Chuckie goes to meet the key players, to see the potential and investigate whether or not there is an identity issue at play.

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