Thursday London Hott Radio made history with BOOMSOUND Factory ! Verzuz : BOOMSOUND Edition kicked off Thursday March 3rd hosted by DJ Sin & BoomSound Lavelle .  The first match up was AP Dover VS $limintuition. “Humble Beginnings” ($limintuition) made such an impression in round 1 vs AP Dover’s “In The Party”. Dover managed to edge the second round but $lim came through with “Slidin” in round 3 for the win! Next matchup was King Jay Da Blountman VS Mike Pennino. Both of these artists have made such an impact in BoomSound Factory & on the London Hott Radio station! King Jay took the win undeniably with his two singles COVID & Dreamer in rounds 1 & 3.  Mike Pennino’s “What is Life” made a huge impression on DJ Sin soon as it dropped in his second round! Mike wanted to share that “It was a fun and awesome experience. I’m grateful to have been a part of the Boomsound Factory VERZUZ.” Mike is returning to London Hott Radio on Wednesday to premier his new single “What is life” which the fans are excited about. B.R.A.$.$. VS Sprat initially did not take place but will be going down next week as a rematch LIVE on London Hott Radio. Fox Uno VS HoodShinobi: Otto Brim is probably the best battle of the night. Both artists are street driven with their own form of expression on every record. Fox Uno takes round one with his banger “GO” (coming to The flow and cadence was above adequate and got the station rocking! Otto Brim smashed the second round with his smash single “Skate Out”. This song has been making waves on London Hott Radio. Fox Uno killed the 3rd round with his joint “Wait” winning him the match. The track hit like a club anthem! BankHead VS Ziggy B was a pure rhyme fest! BankHead opens the first round with “Hundo” a hard hitting Radio anthem that took the station by surprise. Ziggy B answered back with “Officer Doofy” which got Lavelle excited off rip! First round was edged to BankHead because he had more sonic depth & delivery on his track. The second round was given to Ziggy B with his track “Hunnids”. The flow was impeccable & he outshined BankHead’s “Head Above the Clouds”. It all came down to the third round! BankHead’s “Friend Like Me” smashed Ziggy B’s “Unusual Behavior” winning him the battle. The best part about this battle was their bonus round. Both emcees have battle rap experience. Ziggy B is currently active in the battle scene & just had an amazing win vs URL Vet Emerson Kennedy. BankHead went first blazing his his verse with no stumbles & a plethora of word structure. Ziggy responded with an immaculate bit from one of his previous battles. BankHead says that “London Hott Radio and Sin have a great platform. I loved seeing how much talent BoomSound have with AGNB Bankhead & Kenny MacGuyver will be the best on BoomSound just sit back and enjoy the show! Lastly we have to discuss TVM Killa VS Tra Kyng, the  battle of the voices. Tra Kyng won this battle LIVE, but it was migrated to TVM Killa due to a song technicality which will be elaborated on during the Marty A Johnson Show. TVM Killa has been killing the airwaves in London Hott Radio for the last 12 months. Dip-Slide made a splash during the battle & will be in rotation in no time! Thanks to everyone that participated & are taking their careers seriously through the network! So many more opportunities are coming from London Hott Radio & BoomSound Factory this year! Artist of the night is King Jay Da Blountman! Watch the full event below ! CLICK HERE FOR FULL SHOW > >

By london