12 talented artists ! 6 song battles, but only One “Boomin” artist of the night. Verzuz : BOOMSOUND Edition is going down February 23rd positioning the next wave of artists from USA to compete using the strongest 3 tracks from their catalog. Each track will be played 1 minute a piece. BoomSound Lavelle has a special surprise for the stand out act of the night although it the winner of each battle will receive free airplay on the new Bombay Hott Radio list. King Jay Da Blountman has even brought on his sponsor Empower Klothing to deliver merchandise to the unanimous winner. Some of the artists battling are new to the London Hott Radio network. Artists are now realizing the expansion level of the station and want to yield opportunities furthering there careers. The year is just starting, but this event will kick things off into orbit! Verzuz : BOOMSOUND Edition will be live & streaming for FREE on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Discord & Mixr. Check out the matchups below ! “It’s Boomin”.

By london