This past weekend at “RaiseUp” at IBATTLE Lavelle showcased an energy we have never seen before VS battle rap vet Chef Trez. NC vet Lavelle has been on a run for years, but this patient weekend he made it a mission to show a clear difference in his performance & writing ability. Chef Trez brought his classic steady flow with some crazy punchlines, but it was not enough for the North Carolina vet. Lavelle expounded on deep concepts about Chef Trez’s career mainly in his third round. This content undoubtedly separated himself from his opponent despite Trez’s credible freestyles in his 3rd round.  Other stand out performances from RaiseUp event were Ice Da Rapper (3-0 vs Evil Benz), SK The Novelist (2-1 vs Colli C), Dyno The Rapper (2-1 vs Prim3Tim5). Lavelle is taking BoomSound Factory to new heights in 2022 whilst also putting on for other talent such as the talented battle rap collective called Everline. The next BoomSound showcase should be announced by DJ Sin in the first quarter of next year.

By london