The first ever BoomSound Factory showcase in Durham North Carolina was a success! The Dreamz Recreational Center  is where it all went down! All 10 acts put their hearts on the stage  creating excitement all through the venue! A lot of the artists that performed are London/Bombay Hott Radio favorites such as Mike Pennino & TVM Killa. The showcase was judged by music industry panelists: Marty A Johnson (celebrity journalist), Ant Agurz (Bentley Records Ambassador), Bobby Baggumz(105.5 The King) & Marquita Sutton (CEO Versitile Management). At the end of each set, each panelist gave their comments on the performance after grading them on a 1-10 scale. Ultimately, there were two performers of the night : Ty Harriz & MoneyMan Amir. This night was a huge opportunity for the artists to network and expand their careers with credible industry affiliates and curators! Von Barz (Gemini Management) closed out the show with a three track performance With his surprise back up dancers (Niah T & Ember). Many attendees said the Factory Showcase was the “hi-light of the weekend”. The food, people ,panelists , host & acts brought a unique vibe thoroughly throughout the space. BoomSound Lavelle & DJ Sin are already in the talks of the next event! 

This event was powered by London Hott Radio and Sindustry.

By london