All over the world people are posting on social media in a bid to save the Zimbabwean lives from the brutality they are suffering from their own government. Freedom of speech and expression is no longer recognised. Police and soldiers are rooming the streets arresting and harassing who ever is suspected of challenging the ruling party Zanu PF.

The July 31st demonstrations were silenced and all who talked about it were arrested for example the Journalist Hopewell Chingono. On the day (July 31st) at least 60 people including an acclaimed novelist Tsitsi Dangarembga were arrested for attempting the protest.

I am just grateful the world has taken the message seriously. Things seem to be coming to such a head now that it is impossible to look away

Tsitsi Dangarembga
Writer and Booker Prize nominee

A few days before the July 31st, Zanu PF’s spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa announced that the party will do whatever it takes to stop the demonstrations.  “We will use any means at our disposal” Chamisa said addressing the media at the party’s headquarters in Harare Everyone one is fed up but can’t complain because complainers are punished. They say jump and all you have to say is how high.

Zimbabweans are tired of their president Emerson Mnangangwa’s rule were over 90% of the population is unemployed. People are hungry and tired and all they hope for is rest hence they have resorted to social media with the #Zimbabwean Lives Matter. *Even if you can’t help us at least allow us to complain* tweeted one exhausted Zimbabwean.

Everyone is hoping that the #ZimbabweanLivesMatters posts on social media will reach the minds and hearts of those in the Zimbabwean government so that change can come and people can live in solidarity.

Written by Jennifer for London Hott Radio.

Published by Maxine Chideya

By london