Were you one of the thousands of people who tried to take part in The Big Quiz by Sky VIP @home on 5th Aug 2020? Most people who did found themselves watching a show with no interactive way to take part.

With the host even mentioning out of the thousands who are registered, only 15 are on the leaderboard, the show went on with glitches, errors and most people disappointed with their family members waiting to take part.

Thank you SkyTV for a great night of entertainment. As one complaint said on facebook… ‘Regret not ordering the Chinese instead of this.’

By london

2 thoughts on “The Big SkyTV Quiz Flop or Scam?”
  1. Was an absolute load of crap! We wasted the last night of our holiday logging on to take part in this quiz! The format was crap, it was essentially a big advert for sky, it wasn’t even bout the questions, and honesty, you’re telling me the gigantic empire that is SKY couldn’t get some decent hosts?! Give me my hour back!

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