National Demonstration: Stop bombing Syria


We must campaign against the latest war which politicians have led us into. The decision by MPs to bomb Syria will not make the world a safer place. It will not stop terrorism. It is the fourth major military intervention by British governments in 14 years. But the previous wars – in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – have not ended. Instead we have seen death and injury, instability across theose countries, and millions of people made refugees by war. We have also seen the growth of terrorism. ISIS itself grew out of the war and occupation in Iraq.

If we want to get rid of ISIS, which is causing so much misery to thepeople of the Middle East and elsewhere, then we need to stop our government’s allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia giving it support. We also need to camapign for peace across the Middle East, and for an end to outside intervention there.

Our politicans have learnt none of the lessons of previous wars. Instead, they repeat the same mistakes, hoping that something will change. In the mean time the casualties of these wars are increasing numbers of civilians.

Do everything you can to stop this bombing. Public opinion is moving against it. We need to get out on the streets, and show the government that they are not doing this in our name.

Assemble at Broadcasting House, Portland Place, W1A 1AA at Midday.