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When You Get Stopped By The Police | Man Like Mobeen

When You Get Stopped By The Police | Man Like Mobeen

All Mobeen wants to do is lead a good life, but his criminal past is always chasing him.

VIDEO: Semi-naked Selhurst publican batters burglars with baseball bat

VIDEO: Semi-naked Selhurst publican batters burglars with baseball bat


A CRIMINAL who received a beating while burgling a pub from a baseball bat-wielding, semi-naked landlord has been jailed.

John Ryan, from Brent, north London, broke into popular Crystal Palace supporters’ pub The White Horse, in Selhurst Road, with his brother Michael at 6.55am on November 13 last year.

They started smashing fruit machines with sledgehammers, but were unprepared for the arrival of landlord Danny Foley, who emerged in just his leggings with a commemorative Celtic FC baseball bat.

He hit the intruders with the bat before they tried to flee and in the process, hit Mr Foley – who has since left the pub – across the face with a broken metal spade.

Michael Ryan, 40, pleaded guilty in May to five counts of burglary at a string of pubs across the capital, and was jailed for seven years.

John Ryan, 42, did not admit to three counts of burglary until Monday (October 20) after months of denying the offences. He was sentenced to 30 months in jail today (October 23) at Croydon Crown Court.

They were caught after their DNA was found at the scene and The White Horse’s CCTV cameras captured the break-in.

Watch the footage of Mr Foley interrupt their break-in below

The brothers were initially both wearing balaclavas, but Mr Foley managed to remove one of these, which police used to trace the men.

The CCTV footage is to be used on BBC programme Caught Red Handed later in the year and Mr Foley said he quite enjoys watching it back – even though he was injured at the time.

He said: “I love watching it; it cheers me right up.”

Mr Foley had been burgled six weeks before and had more than £500 taken, but he was ready for the raiders this time.

“I just missed the two the previous time because I didn’t know where the noise was coming from,” he explained.

“But as I switched on the downstairs light they ran away. This time, as soon as my dog jumped on my bed, scared, I got up and was only in my boxers. I slung on some leggings and ran down there.

“You can see the adrenalin was in me and I would have hit him again if I could get one foot in front of other, but I was gone after he hit me with the spade.


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