Breaking: Tylenol maker to pay $25 million for selling metal-contaminated children’s drugs

Breaking: Tylenol maker to pay $25 million for selling metal-contaminated children’s drugs

A Johnson & Johnson subsidiary agreed to plead guilty late Tuesday to federal criminal charges of selling liquid drugs for children contaminated with metals.


It comes as no surprise that yet another drug company pleads  guilty today to  criminal charges, but we’re   a bit shocked they only have to pay  a mere $25 million for the irreversible  damage they have done.

The contaminated drugs (some listed below) were given to infants, kids and adults. From the Reuters piece just out:

There were far-reaching multiple recalls… involving hundreds of millions of bottles and packages of consumer brands such as Tylenol, Motrin, Rolaids, Benadryl and other products due to faulty manufacturing. The recalls kept widely used products such as Children’s Tylenol off pharmacy shelves and seriously tarnished J&J’s once-sterling reputation.

A manufacturer of over-the-counter infant’s and children’s liquid medications has agreed to plead guilty to a federal criminal charge that it sold products that contained metal particles.

Court documents unsealed Tuesday say McNeil Consumer Healthcare, of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, will acknowledge selling adulterated bottles of Infants’ and Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin. The company agreed to pay $25 million to resolve the case.

Court documents say metal particles, including nickel, iron and chromium, were introduced during the manufacturing process. Prosecutors said McNeil failed to take immediate steps to fix the problem.

What is more amazing is how ineffective the FDA was in all of this.  From another article (Reuters)

  In addition to metal particles getting into liquid medicines, there were moldy odors and labeling problems. For example, the label for Sudafed allergy tablets incorrectly repeated the word “not” to say “do not not divide, crush, chew or dissolve the tablet.”

In the case involving metal particles, the troubles began in May 2009 when a consumer complained after noticing “black specks” in the bottom of a bottle of Infants’ Tylenol. The specks were found to be nickel and chromium particles.

So children and adults  were ingesting moldy products with nickel, chromium and iron?  I hardly think 25 million will pay the bill (where does the money even go?) How do we know these babies and kids (and adults) didn’t develop something serious as a result of  being unknowingly given metals and possible mold. How did mold  and metal even get into the products in the first place? If it’s hundreds of millions of bottles of drugs can we even track who was injured (or who might have died from a drug interaction (or should we say metal interaction) Do we even know the quantities of metal? I imagine a newborn ingesting a ton of nickel is not a good thing.

The articles also explain that Johnson & Johnson went down $900 million in sales and is no longer the trusted brand they once were (really? I never trusted them and always had bad allergic reactions to their baby shampoo which was anything but “natural”)  Perhaps the tides are finally turning and folks will finally learn that these drug and chemical companies cannot be trusted. If you buy your cleaning products, drugs that you feed your infants and children, shampoos and soaps to wash your child  from drug companies-  you’re not doing your due diligence. Check out organic products without the harmful chemicals (or free doses of metals added) and do yourself and your family a favor by dumping these harmful companies that obviously do not care about you or the health of your child and where money is the bottom line for them. At any cost.

Anti Battalion Radio Show 8th Aug 2014 on London Hott Radio feat President Obonjo

Anti Battalion Radio Show 8th Aug 2014 on London Hott Radio feat President Obonjo


Anti Battalion Radio Show 8th Aug 2014 on London Hott Radio feat President Obonjo and many more. We apologize about the slight feedback on this show. 


Coolio Partners With To Release New Music & Videos

Coolio Partners With To Release New Music & Videos


Take it to the HUB

In a case of new age media meets old school talent, with a splash of straigh up wacky; 90′s mainstay, Coolio has teamed up with one of the web’s most popular pornography websites,

As part of the deal Coolio will release all of his new music through the Porn Hub, and they’ve even provided video girls and a production team for his new music video “Take It To The Hub”.  Whats most interesting is  how Coolio is choosing to word his statement regarding the partnership; he told TMZ agreed to provide all the “talent” for his video — “Take it to the Hub” — and in exchange he’s going to debut all his new music on the website.


This is humorous because it seems pretty evident that the 46th most popular website in the united states (76 in the world *) is not really the one who’s benefiting from the relationship, but for Coolio we can’t really imagine he’s getting any better looks than this.


What do you think of this new collaboration, let us know on Facebook & Twitter.


In the meantime check out a behind the scenes look at the music video for “take it to the hub”

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Delhi based Indian Movie Naari Chakra hits London screens

Delhi based Indian Movie Naari Chakra hits London screens


Naari Chakra hits London screens.

Naari Chakra, a movie on the harsh realities of forced prostitution and gang life in Delhi, was shown in London for the first time since an exclusive screening in Rajpura earlier this month.

The film had definitely fulfilled its primary role: to inform. Although the atmosphere post-viewing was intense, the viewers were excited about the potential for the movie to create public awareness and raise the issue of assaults on women in India. In later interviews it was described as “different to the normal glossy Indian movies, but it had a storyline that captured you”. Others agreed saying that “it showed you the true image of Delhi” and “the movie kept you hooked- you hear about the stories but seeing it makes it real.”

The storyline reveals the severity of the situation in the sub-continent. The down to earth and gritty scenes help to shed light on the fact that our protagonist Sandhya could be any ordinary girl: kidnapped and forced into a vicious cycle of torture and cruelty by people they trust.

Naari Chakra needs more attention by the general public as it’s not afraid to talk about the ordeals that society puts women through, even after they escape from an abusive life. Although we’re geographically so far from the location of this particular issue, it is closer to home than we realise.

In recent weeks the public has been made aware of stories such as the grooming ring in Oxford where 5 men have been arrested and charged for grooming and sexual abuse of girls as young as 12. Although stories like this are uncommon in British media, rape and prostitution in Delhi is common knowledge and a part of everyday life.

Another screening is scheduled for Sunday the 28th of July, “behind the scenes of real life, it really captures you, go out there and watch it.” I can guarantee you will be shocked at the unforgiving nature of underground Delhi.

Writer : Nabila (Assistant Editor for Bombay Hott Radio / London Hott Radio)


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