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Eugina O Liberty appears on the MAM Show

Mr Urowbo dropped in with another edition on the MAM Show on London Hott Radio with a special guest, Eugina O Liberty.

Eugina O Liberty is an international Pleasure and Intimacy Coach and co- founder of Academy of Conscious Sexuality.

I will be interviewing The Orgasmic Queen on Wednesday the 11th of September in a special after water shed show at 9pm.

Pleasure is everybody’s birth right.


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  • DJ SIN
  • DJ Siggi Bad Boy
  • JP
  • Uncle Drummer
  • Coxsone Sound
  • SO JO Show
  • DJ Tallis
  • The Middle Age Person Show

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General Event Information


Monday 26th August



Age restrictions:

10 Year olds and under enter free accompanied by a ticket holding adult (18 years and over). Every purchased adult GA or VIP ticket is entitled to 2 free kids’ tickets.
11 to 15 Year olds full price but must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult (18 years and over).
16 and 17 Year olds pay full price and do not need to be accompanied by a ticket holding adult. It is advisable to have ID with you.

We are operating a ‘Challenge 25’ policy at the bars, so any person who appears to look younger than 25 may be asked for ID. If they cannot provide suitable ID the bar will refuse to sell them alcohol.

Please note that the drinking age for the ‘Challenge 25’ policy is actually 18.
If proof of age is requested at HOUSE OF COMMON, we will accept the following ID:

Photo Driving Licence
Prove It Cards that carry the PASS logo (e.g. CitizenCard, ONE-ID4U, Validate UK)

We would also like to point out that photocopies of these documents will not be accepted as valid ID at HOUSE OF COMMON.


On the site, you will find impartial general information which will help you enjoy festivals in general. A large part of this is relevant to HOUSE OF COMMON so please have a look in order to make your experience with us as good as possible. Much of the advice on offer has been verified by experts in each field who are not associated with any one event.



Clapham Common is an easy destination to reach. There are two tube stations on the actual Common both on the Northern Line. There are also a number of bus routes that service this area. Scroll down for more info. Clapham Junction station, where both trains and London Overground operate from, is approximately a 25 minute walk.


The festival has no public car parking available. Please be warned that there is very little parking around Clapham Common on weekends so we strongly advise visitors not to drive. There are plenty of local transport options so leave your car at home and make life easier and the day more fun.


Please use nearby Clapham South on the Northern Line (Zone 2) for a short walk across the common. Please note that Clapham Common station will be closed when the event finishes. The best Tube options for getting home will be Clapham South which is around 8 minutes walk or alternatively use Clapham Junction (for Southern or South West Train rail services) which is around a 25 minute walk from the event.
For last Tubes check


Routes: 35 (24 hours), 37 (24 hours), 50, 88 (24 hours), 137, 155, 249, 255, 295,322, 344, 345 (24 hours), 355, 417 and P5 and G1 run near to the Common. Night buses N19, N31, N87, N155, N137 and N345
Plan your journey:


Clapham Common tube will be closed from 21.00 on each event evening. With this in mind, we suggest that you use nearby Clapham South (Northern line) or Clapham Junction (Southern services to Victoria or South West Train services to Waterloo). If you are using southbound Northern line services you may wish to use nearby Balham to avoid queues into Clapham South station.

In order to make your journey home as easy as possible please consider carefully how you will get back. The route back to Clapham South will be signed posted and lit through the Common, with staff on hand en-route to assist you. However, there is no doubt that due to the volume of people heading that way there will be queuing time both outside and inside the station. Please take into account that last trains run fairly soon after the event especially on the Sunday. Check your relevant timetable to be sure!


No tables, non folding chairs, BBQs or other such articles may be brought into the event site.

Alcohol is not allowed into the event site. Alcoholic and soft drinks will be available for purchase within the event.

Soft drinks in glass or cans will not be allowed into the event site. You may however bring in soft drinks in sealed and unbroken 600ml or under plastic or paper containers.

Food for personal consumption is allowed. No glass or metal cutlery will be permitted.

Folding camping chairs will be allowed onsite for this event. However, there will be a restricted zone covering a large section of the area in front of the main stage where no chairs or such like can be positioned. This will be marshalled by security. This is to make sure that there is ample space at the front of stage to allow people wishing to stand to fully enjoy the show and ensure there is sufficient space for everyone. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this.


The festival is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Please note though that being situated on a green field site it is basically parkland and maneuverability is limited as such. The ground is notoriously hard but, of course, dependent on weather conditions.

Each of the main toilet blocks in the festival includes disabled toilets, as will the disabled person’s viewing platform. There will be a fully equipped medic’s tent located on site throughout the event.

There will be a Main Stage viewing platform solely for use by those with an “Accessible Ticket”. These can be purchased through Ticketmaster and include one carer. On the TM site, choose the day required and click the “Accessible Ticket” button for further information. The ticket purchaser’s name will then be included on a list of permitted persons on the day. The carer will need to pick up his ticket from the site Box Office and the disabled platform access passes.

Access to the platform is on a first come first serve basis and at times will become full particularly during the headliner performance. The access ramp will be in accordance with disability regulations. A wheel chair accessible toilet will be located by the ramp.

Chairs are not provided but customers can bring their own to use.

Customers are advised that laser, strobe and other lighting effects will be in use during some or all performances

If you have any enquiries regarding disabled access and facilities at the festival, please contact


Please note that there are no cloakroom or locker facilities at this event. Please only bring with you what you are happy to carry.

There are ATM machines onsite. These accept debit and credit cards. Transactions are subject to surcharges.

Debit and credit cards are accepted at all the public bars onsite.


No professional cameras or video recorders of any type are allowed onsite.

As ever, if you see or hear anything which gives you a security concern please speak to the nearest member of Security staff or Police officer. Your help with this is most welcome and plays a part in making sure that everyone who is coming to HOUSE OF COMMON this year remains safe and has a great time.


Should the weather forecast be wet and umbrellas are needed, please note that we only allow in small sized brollies. Large umbrellas such as golf brollies or anything longer than 12” will not pass security. It is at the discretion of gate security to decide on whether an umbrella is permitted into the event or not. So the best way forward is to bring a small compact, retractable umbrella with you to HOUSE OF COMMON.


HOUSE OF COMMON, like any event that draws large numbers of people, can occasionally be attended by pickpockets who are looking to steal mobile phones and other valuables from the crowds. Becoming a victim of crime will make your experience memorable for the wrong reasons. Being careful and taking some simple precautions will reduce your risk of being targeted by those looking to take advantage of fun loving visitors like yourself. Here are some steps to help you have a safe and enjoyable festival:
• Avoid displaying your phone and valuables unnecessarily.
• Don’t keep cash, cards and valuables in one place. Spread them out among your pockets and clothing, using pockets secured by zips/buttons or in pockets inside jackets where possible. Be aware that in a crowded environment where contact with other people is unavoidable thieves will try to unzip/unbutton pockets and bags.
• Be aware of the behaviour of those around you. Report anything suspicious to a Security Guard or Police officer.
• Stick with your friends and identify a suitable meeting point, so if you do get split up you can find each other even if someone has lost their phone or had it stolen.
• As soon as you realise that any of your property is missing inform both the venue’s Security and Police immediately. Do not wait until you get home. HOUSE OF COMMON has a clearly marked lost property area located next to the main entrance.
• If your mobile phone gets stolen contact your network provider to ask for the SIM card and handset to be blocked.
• Register your mobile phone IMEI number and the serial numbers of other valuables for FREE on or similar property registration sites
• Activate your phone’s security so that access can only be by applying the correct security measure, be it fingerprint or code or whatever you’ve set up that only you know.
• Back up all your contacts and data before you leave home.


There is a zero tolerance to drugs policy at HOUSE OF COMMON. Offenders will be handed over to the Police and drug dealers will be prosecuted. Those caught in possession of personal drugs will be evicted from site whatever the circumstances. This includes nitrous oxide/laughing gas and poppers.

There will be drug searches at the front entrance as well as sniffer dogs patrolling the queues.


As everyone is aware, all festivals are plagued by touts.

Do not buy tickets from anywhere other than an affiliated ticket agency or bona fide seller. If you do otherwise you run the risk of having bought either a forgery or a stolen ticket.

HOUSE OF COMMON has a state of the art ticket scanning system. Whatever the circumstances, people with forged tickets will not be allowed in but still some got quite upset about it. At the end of the day, the only people that gain from this are the touts. Whatever your excuse, you will not gain access to the event with a forgery. Please also be aware that as tickets are all barcoded, stolen tickets can now be cancelled; and again if your ticket is identified as having been stolen you will not gain access.

So once again, we strongly advise that you only buy tickets from established agencies or genuine ticket sellers. If in doubt, contact the organisers on

If you do get refused entry to the event due to your ticket being a forgery or stolen please do not come crying to the organisers. You are an adult and as such should know better than to take this risk by buying a ticket from anyone who cannot prove to you that they genuinely represent this festival.



Due to the constant terrorist threat existing in London as well as an increase in pick pocketing Event Security will be thoroughly checking all bags belonging to ticket and pass holders entering the event site.

This is, however, a time consuming job therefore ticket holders should aim to arrive at the event site earlier than in normal circumstances as well as cooperate fully with all requests from the Event Security staff.

The promoter reserves the right to check any person or thing that it may deem suspicious. Specialized security staff will be profile searching individuals on entry.

Please accept the promoter’s apologies should you experience longer than usual queues. Safety checks will be undertaken for the good and safety of all present at the event.


Within reason, we aim to collect, log, store and return items of property that are deemed to be genuinely lost by patrons on the HOUSE OF COMMON event site and likely to be sought by the original owner.


LOST PHONES (for any other lost property please read on)

The Police will collect and retain mobile phones ONLY. They can be contacted at Brixton Police station. Contact number is 020 8649 2025. Please do not contact them for any other matters. You also need to ensure that you have your IMEI number when phoning in order to speed the process up.


If after the event you have an enquiry about other lost items, please email putting Lost Property in the subject line.

Enquires can also be made in person at the site entrance (located at Fire Exit E / Gate X8 situated off Long Road) either on Tuesday 27 August from 0900 and 1700.

Please note that we will be unable to respond to lost property emails until at least a week after show as we will be tied up onsite until then.

When emailing us please include a full description of the item including size, colour, unique features, brand (where applicable), key tags or other details that will help us with identification. It may also be necessary for us to request specific information pertaining to certain items including a description of contents for bags, wallets and purses, distinguishing marks or engravings on jewellery and passport/ID card/driving licence specifics like unique identification numbers.

If any found items have clear contact details, we will endeavour to use this information to communicate with the owner.

Other than credit or debit cards, items that are handed into us will be kept within a secure location for thirty (30) days after the event. Perishable items will be kept for the date of the event only. Credit and debit cards will be held for 7 days after which we will shred them.

Once we have established an owner, they must pay any applicable postal charges required to reconnect them with their property either by the provision of a stamped self-addressed envelope of suitable size to accommodate the item or by the arranging of a courier to pick the item up. Alternatively we can provide an address for collections in person.

UNCLAIMED ITEMS Anything unclaimed will be disposed of responsibly. All personal data will be removed and securely destroyed.

SOUND LEVELS Music levels at all events on Clapham are a very sensitive issue.

Lambeth Council set licensing conditions which include music sound levels. The organisers do everything in their power to maximise the situation by employing the best PA companies and noise consultants. Along with the set levels, other influences such as atmospheric conditions and wind conditions can make it extremely difficult to get the high music sound levels that some may expect. Should the levels not be to your liking we can only apologise. Rest assured we have the best people working on it however we are restrained by conditions set on us by the Council.

SITE EVACUATION In the unlikely event that the festival site has to be fully evacuated the event would not continue on that particular day. If the reason for the evacuation falls under the heading of ‘force majeure’ there would not be any refunds. Adverse weather conditions or an act of terrorism are classified as an act of God.

If a full evacuation occurred and you wish to complain please do so by contacting us through our web site.

ADVERSE WEATHER As we all know, the weather in this great country of ours is unpredictable to say the least. Please therefore keep an eye on the weather forecast for the HOUSE OF COMMON weekend and, should it look like rain, bring suitable apparel to keep dry…. if you so wish. There are tented arenas on the site but these can only accommodate part of the audience.

So if rain is likely bring your brolly (…of permitted size as mentioned earlier in T&Cs…) and put on your wellies! Nothing stops a good party.

WARNINGS Line–up is subject to change.

Exposure to loud music can cause injury to your hearing

Strobe lights, lasers and smoke machines may be in use within event site

Pick pockets operate at all large attendance events nowadays and specifically target mobile phones. Please be streetwise and keep your personal belongings somewhere safe. Only bring to HOUSE OF COMMON what you really need to have a good time and, in order not to make life easy for pick pockets, keep all your belongings well hidden. Make sure all hand bags are closed at all times. Do not become a victim of crime.

Gods of Rap UK Tour 2019

The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
6:30pm Sun 12 May 2019

Event Information

Pre-sale 10am Wednesday 23 January 2019
On sale 
10am Friday 25 January 2019


25 years of Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers

30 years of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Celebrating 30 years of 3 Feet High and Rising

The biggest and most influential rap groups in the world are coming together for three very special UK arena shows in May 2019. Headliners Wu-Tang Clan who will be joined by Public Enemy and De La Soul who are set to perform huge dates at The SSE Arena Wembley in London on 10th May, Manchester Arena on 11th May and Glasgow The SSE Hydro on 12th May.

This once in a lifetime tour marks the anniversary of three iconic landmark albums; Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers’, Public Enemy’s ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’ and De La Soul’s ‘3 Feet High and Rising’. The dates will also be hosted and presented by the legendary DJ Premier.

Twenty-five years ago, The Wu-Tang Clan changed hip-hop music forever. Bursting onto the music scene with the release of ‘Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers’, the group quickly became recognised for its innovative beats and clever lyrics, as well as the diverse personalities and talents that make up its nine member hip-hop group. The Wu-Tang Clan has released seven gold and platinum studio albums with worldwide sales of more than 40 million albums. With the release of their debut album in 1993 songs like “C.R.E.A.M” and “Protect Ya Neck” introduced hip-hop pioneer, The RZA, as a groundbreaking hip-hop craftsman.

Public Enemy rewrote the rules of hip-hop, becoming the most influential and controversial rap group of the late ’80s and, for many, the definitive rap group of all time. Celebrating thirty years of their seminal album ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’, it was this record that made Public Enemy a household name. The album, which included the singles “Don’t Believe the Hype” and “Bring the Noise,” was hailed as a hip-hop masterpiece and went on to sell more than a million copies.

De La Soul’s acclaimed eponymous debut album catapulted the trio to become one of the biggest hip-hop bands and forged a lasting musical legacy. Consistently placed on ‘greatest albums’ lists their biggest commercial album to date ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ includes singles “Me Myself and I”, “The Magic Number”, “Buddy”, and “Eye Know”.

Collectively all three groups have performed sell out shows across the globe and created revolutionary music that has influenced millions of people worldwide. The tour will see the Gods of Rap each perform iconic sets for three monumental UK live dates that are not to be missed!

Disclaimer: Please note that Level 3 is accessible by stairs only. Some areas of Level 2 and Level 3 may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties, those who are not comfortable with heights or those who experience vertigo. We anticipate you should receive your tickets at least 21 days prior to the event you are attending. Thank you for your patience.U14s with adult 18+

London’s Knife Crime Emergency: ON A KNIFE EDGE (Full Length Documentary)

In the wake of multiple knife-related murders in the UK’s capital, activist and ex-gang member Josh Osbourne takes an in-depth look at the “code of silence”. This is an entrenched mindset that regularly stops young people from going to the authorities, in fear of being labelled a “snitch”. Britain’s most senior police officer attributes the recent spate of murders to austerity, drug markets, police cuts and social media, yet despite a controversial crack-down targeting drill music videos, the number of deaths keep rising. Josh follows the grieving families struggling to find justice and answers in their own communities. He speaks to an active gang member about how reputation is a fiercely protected social capital and shame can be a gateway to violence. He learns that surviving a knife attack is no longer seen as a close call, but a badge of honour, and how the consequences of knife crime stretch beyond simply life and death. The film explores how the internet has profoundly altered the way conflicts are instigated and unravel on London’s streets, and how the communities affected are reacting to this. As London remains in the throes of a knife crime epidemic, VICE takes a look at one of the most important domestic issues of our time.

Beres Hammond’s New Album “Never Ending” Will Be Released On October 12th

Classic music is timeless, its appeal is never ending. Beres Hammond is an artist with multiple classics to his credit; for more than 30 years his unmistakable voice has given fans moments and memories for a lifetime. With his new album, Never Ending, Beres carries on the grand tradition of a romantic balladeer with sensitivity and swagger.

Never Ending features 14 songs about love and life, done in collaboration with longtime recording studio partners; Willie Lindo, Kirk Ben-nett, Handel Tucker, Errol ‘Flabba’ Carter, Leroy & David Heywood aka “Mafia & Fluxy,” Winston ‘Bopee’ Bowen, Dean Fraser and Robbie Lyn among others. Never Endingpresents 21st century classics from the master of romance and reggae.

Never Ending will be released via VP Records on October 12th.

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